west elm / spec project

Art Direction, Design, Digital

West Elm was looking for a fresh look for their homepage. It had become riddled with promotions, competing messages, and conflicting type/graphic treatments.

I redesigned the homepage, creating a clear and concise visual, messaging hierarchy, seamlessly integrating content and commerce throughout. I incorporated video to create moments of surprise and delight: a photograph comes to life when the sunlight in the photo starts cascading across the room; a hand reaches into a photograph of a swivel chair and gives it a good spin. Parallax scrolling adds more movement to the page with editorialized text gliding upwards in the background. Images from the blog populate at the bottom of the page, working their way across, from right to left. 

Bright, colorful, interior photography imbues the page with a sense of warmth and friendliness. Bold and graphic detail shots of the product make the page feel dynamic and modern. Type is minimal and elegant. Promotions are messaged via discreet pop up banners and a visual motif designed to match the page's color palette at any time of the year.


I also designed a sale email with the goal of making it more modern and fresh. The sale email differs from the homepage in that it takes a more playful approach. 


additional work